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    Only then did Xue Jianqiang recall that he seemed to have mentioned cooperation with Cheng Fei several times when he was doing military procurement in the past few months... It was all a system, and he know everything by communicating with each other. As I said before, today's arms business is not good, all countries are trying their best to reduce military power and military spending, the most typical representative is Europe, except Russia , main battle tanks all over Europe are fewer than China's Type 99 main battle tanks. There are many battle tanks, and third generation and three and a half generation fighters in Europe account for more than half of the fighters of the same generation in China. The monster house in East Asia is still increasing its military investment due to China's existence. What is most disgusting is that Europe and the United States are desperately reducing their own armaments, while exporting weapons and equipment to the outside world. Occupying a certain market share in the fighter aircraft market, the J-7 is currently difficult to sell, exporting the J-10, J-11 and other types of fighter aircraft is very difficult, and even difficult to find customers for. advanced trainers. China has a felt presence in fighter aircraft exports. It's just too weak. Some Air Force fighter aircraft design and manufacturing groups suddenly discovered that such a big dog appeared in the country. They immediately turned red, especially after getting the technical indicators. : this is not difficult at all! The whole project is very profitable! A rare big dog, you absolutely cannot help but catch it! So Shen Fei, Xi Fei and Hong were all very moved when they heard this news and started planning the design according to Xue Jianqiang's specifications, saying they would tear off a piece of this fatty meat!

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    The natural reserve was not the Tiger Shark Commando, but another elite amphibious reconnaissance company of the Coastal Defense Regiment. Unlike the Tiger Shark Commando, which focuses on single combat and small unit operations, the amphibious reconnaissance company focuses more on infiltration, reconnaissance, interception, navigation, and withdrawal. Speaking In other words, their expertise is reconnaissance and navigation. The more the better, and it's best not to fire a single shot throughout the entire battle — for a reconnaissance team deep behind enemy lines, exchanging fire with the enemy means half the operation has failed. There were more than 120 people in this reconnaissance company, and this operation also brought along two squads as reserves. Now that the resistance of the Japanese army was becoming more and more desperate and the casualties of the tiger sharks were increasing, Xue Jianqiang had to use the reserve team.

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    Minister Liu waved his hand: "No, no, that's almost the same amount of steelmaking money, plus the human and material resources needed for the modification, it's really a big loss. We can't bear it." For being able to arrange these things for the country, it is a great credit to the veterans who have been disarmed and returned to the furnace. I hope they can be effective in cheap processing!"

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    On April 3, the French army advanced more than 70 kilometers in just three days, leaving the US Seventh Army far behind. The German army never organized an effective blockade, they withdrew after resisting for a while, retreating back and forth on both flanks. The immediate consequence of this bizarre situation was that the French army progressed smoothly, but the enemy was rarely wiped out. Their most stubborn resistance was the Tiger tank. On the night of April 3, when the French army was crossing the river, they encountered a Tiger tank. This damned tank was ambushing in the bushes near the bridgehead. The soldiers rushed forward. crossing the bridge, suddenly opened fire, the leading tank was thrown from the turret with just one shot. The French army's anti-tank fire greeted this Tiger tank, turning the bridgehead into a sea of fire, then organized another cross-sea operation, but was bombarded by Tiger tanks. Destroyed tanks blocked the bridge deck, construction vehicles and rubble removal personnel went up one after another and died, a whole division, just like this was stopped by a tank. The French general was furious and sent a company of tanks to confront the Tiger across the river, trying to destroy the tiger with heavy artillery fire. It turned out that this was a very special thing, the Japanese tank calmly stood firm in the face of intense shelling from a French tank with thick frontal armor at a distance of thousands of meters. Roll call... After seven or eight Minutes after the shooting, the tank company had more than a dozen tanks, only the command tank of the company commander and a light reconnaissance tank escaped and crawled around, the rest lay on the ground, the river turned into The iron toad caught fire.

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    Xue Jianqiang was very satisfied, Minister Liu and Chen Jianfeng were even more satisfied, they liquidated hundreds of decommissioned tanks in one go and made back a lot of money, what could be more satisfying than this?

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    Xue Jianqiang is very calm, and this is not the first time going to sea by boat, before retiring, he went to sea training many times, he personally experienced boat driving, armed swimming, birth Survive on a deserted island, infiltrate a harbor and even climb a torpedo beach. Furthermore, this can only be considered trivial. He used his time to train the crew on the Red Star missile corvette, teaching them how to use fire control radar and how to launch anti-ship missiles. The navy also taught him these things, he can't buy many warships to go home, everyone can only watch, no one knows how to use them, right? Therefore, after placing the order, as long as he has free time, he will go to the naval warship to learn how to use those advanced equipment. He doesn't need to worry about how to operate warships and how to maintain warships, his main task is to learn how to use those deadly weapons, and then teach these sailors. The Navy trained him very well. Those sailors who trained hard for nearly a year were still not sure. He held his hand and taught him for a few days, and everyone understood. Ly Dong Hai looked at the giant missile launch box and said emotionally: "This thing is good, from dozens of kilometers away, a missile will hit the enemy ship into a fireball, no need to rush in and use sea attacks. guns to shoot at others from several kilometers away." ...If we had this many warships seven years ago, how could the Japanese invaders' warships be raging in their territorial waters? me!"

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    Beloborodov said: "Exactly so. The Chinese army has coated the front armor of the tank with a layer of this super-hard plastic, roughly the size of a book page, with a thickness of 20 to 30 mm. The tank of they provide more than 60mm of additional protection, and they don't use that material for the majority of the tank's armor."

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    Beloborodov didn't say much, just said: "Be careful and concentrate... let the 15th Guards Tank Division and the 90th Motorized Rifle Division quickly chase, the main Chinese army is coming! In addition, Immediately Start Broadcasting, Let the Japanese Surrender to Us!”

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    Chen Jianfeng said: "This is a new domestic six-barrel rotary heavy machine gun with a firing rate of 6,000 rounds per minute and a lifespan of more than 600,000 rounds. Two such heavy machine guns fire at the same time. For the ministry soldiers on the ground, it must be a worst nightmare."

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    Yes, he almost went crazy under the enormous pressure from the United States, China and the Soviet Union.

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    Xue Jianqiang said proudly: "I found the treasure left by the Japanese army during World War II. There are more than two hundred tons of gold. You quickly bring the convoy over here. If it's too late, you will lose your share." shall!"

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    Xue Jianqiang rolled her eyes: "Stop it, sometimes I really wish I didn't have a sister like you, or that I would strangle you so my mother could be reborn!"

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    The Chinese comrades were undoubtedly very enthusiastic. When they heard that Lavrov would return, Minister Chen and a large group of students personally came to see him off, a large pile of gifts almost filled the whole plane. carriage. Minister Chen shook hands and said: "Comrade Lavrov, thank you very much for your hard work this year. You have trained us a large number of excellent petroleum technicians. Thank you very much !”

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    Xue Jianqiang grinned, the last thing he was afraid of was drug residue testing, okay? Uncle, all my items are caught directly from the sea, so I will trust you if you can find any drug residue! He said: “Promise him!

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    Roosevelt was about to scream. If you are really that worried about the Mobei area, you can mobilize an army group from within the country, even from Hungary, Romania, it is not a problem to send troops from any direction, four people train. Centralized in the Vistula-Oder area On the side of the army! Don't say that these four front troops are used to deal with situations in the Far East. If you say this, people will laugh loudly. Do China's 40,000 army need four front troops to defend? I have seen many shameless people, but I have never seen such shameless people.

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    ——— Although I was very satisfied with the performance of these young armored soldiers in the Northern Jiangsu battle, and the armored soldiers with 59D and 02 guns were also a nightmare for the army Japan, but after the battle of Northern Jiangsu, Yan'an continued to send telegrams urging Duong Vinh Phuc's group to quickly return. The training of armored soldiers and air force pilots was still waiting for these seeds. come back to arrest, can't stay in northern Jiangsu for long. a long time. Fortunately, after this period of hard training, Tan Tu Quan built an airstrip near Hoai An for Li-2 transport aircraft to take off and land, while also storing a significant amount of fuel. You can directly fly to your destination. a few hours.

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "It's done! Shoot down all the bombers, but we'll come back!"

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    Xue Jianqiang became even more puzzled: "The results are out so soon? So why are they so anxious?"

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